One Exotic Location | 4 Days of Profound Mind Shifts | Lifelong Connections | Incredible Adventures

How This Started

Bconfest is a gathering of exceptional minds in various fields who yearn to connect beyond the shores of their countries. With an invite only space for 200 people, the event is held in an exotic location where you’ll receive powerful life changing lessons, bio-hacking techniques, profound mind shifts, deep and lifelong connections, incredible adventures and unique opportunities to multiply your impact and expand your game. Call this a vacation, retreat, event, getaway, festival, conference, one thing is sure: you cannot remain the same after the bconfest experience.

Headed by our founder, Joy Eneghalu, an escape route to refresh from the hustle and bustle of work, the need to have more human connection, to see people’s expressions and rub minds, talk over dinner, a glass of wine or a bowl of ice cream has turned to a global movement to help other high impact individuals to get more from life. Bconfest is a way to overcome loneliness and to find an excuse to step away from the daily grind so you can get inspired and excited about life.
bconfest Lamu Island


1. Meet And Connect With Amazing People

Bconfest enables you to establish deep relationships with phenomenal people who will help nurture and support your grand visions. You may walk away with a new business partner, new best friend, and who knows – even your soulmate.

2. Upgrade Your Business and Life to the Next Level

Bconfest brings out the most of your capabilities as a human being. Whatever it is you do – whether you’re an entrepreneur or looking for your next business idea – the experience will teach you to do more, be more, accomplish more, and get to your goals faster, while having the lifestyle you desire and immersing you in the best ideas in personal growth.

3. Be Part Of The Global Bconfest Tribe

Attending Bconfest doesn’t mean you are attending one event or connecting with just a group of people. This means you're joining a global community of phenomenal minds who meet regularly around the world and support each other in their journey to making a huge impact. There are Bconfest meetups happening around the world.

4. You’ll Live It Up In Bliss

We are taking you out of the conventional conferences to jaw-dropping resorts that feature breathtaking views right outside your room, gorgeous facilities, stunning beaches and amazing offsite locations. We believe that such locations play a crucial part in helping you connect with your inner being and the rest of the tribe. And like being at a festival – you’ll get to dance the night (and day) away at incredible parties and go on breathtaking excursions, all in the midst of a paradise location.

5. You'll Have Lots of Fun

We promise you… you will fall in love with the Bconfest experience. We don’t know what it will be for you...Maybe it's the paradise location. Maybe it's the amazing teachers. Maybe it’s the phenomenal and lively minds, the unforgettable activities or the legendary parties ;-). We’ll be here when you spill.

6. You’ll Be Part of a Strictly Invite-Only Event

What will blow your mind is the quality of people you get to meet and the brilliant mix up of activities. Call it a conference, a vacation, a high impact networking event, the mix of truly phenomenal people… You won’t be wrong. One thing is sure, you won’t leave Bconfest the same person.

Be Part of A Community That Supports Positive Causes

To support positive causes in the world, a part of our ticket sales will be going into helping poor communities and creating tools that will help push humaity forward. 
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